A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Welcome to F.D.P.P.

My very first game! A short shmup with a silly story.

A project I decided to start and learn Godot and re-learn to code.

Game features:

3 stages to play

A few power-ups

A silly story mode to enjoy

A secret "power-up"! (Hint: Stage 1, right side of screen)

Download includes:

Linux and Windows versions of the game.

Project files download includes the entire Godot project including assets. See the license files for information on re-use of the assets.

The source code doesn't in any way shape or form conform to any coding best practices but some portions of the scripts may be useful to someone.

Install instructions

Note to Linux users: The binary requires the executable flag to be set prior to running.


FDPP_x86_64bit_1.01.zip 57 MB
FDPP_x86_32bit_1.01.zip 55 MB
FDPP_Project_files_1.01.zip 34 MB

Development log

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